Carbon Removal

Research, develop, test, and deploy socially desirable solutions for large scale CO2 removal through the ocean

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PEACH DACquiri focuses on electro-geochemical ocean alkalinity enhancement

Our vision is to deploy the ocean alkalinity enhancement system using off-grid renewable energy sources for gigaton scale CO₂ removal to achieve near permanent storage of atmospheric carbon.

PEACH DACquiri is tackling climate change

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Our Team

Leadership Team


Arthi Gopalakrishnan

CEO and Co-founder

Prathap I.V. Suba

CSO and Co-founder

Advisory Team


Steve Larter

Co-founder, Canada Research Chair in Petroleum Geology, and Associate Vice President of Research & Innovation at University of Calgary

Benjamin Tutolo

Co-founder, Associate Professor and Acting Associate Head (Research & Innovation) of Geoscience at University of Calgary

Venkataraman Thangadurai

Co-founder, Professor of Chemistry at University of Calgary, Founder & Director at Western Canada Battery Consortium, and Associate Director at Calgary Advanced Energy Storage and Conversion Research

Anna-Maria Hubert

Co-founder and Assistant Professor of Law at University of Calgary

Md Golam Kibria

Co-founder and Assistant Professor of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering at University of Calgary